Bailey Campbell

659e4fbb-e7f1-425a-bfa6-47115338edee.original.jpgWe were blown away when Bailey said she wanted to race. Thought it was going to be a fad or something she would grow out of. We were all wrong! Bailey has brought this team to the next level with her mad organizational skills, marketing, photography and now becoming a great mechanic & fabricator, which most forget the basics of being a great racecar driver, is knowing what you are driving.  Bailey not only builds them she preps them and then drives the wheels off them.  Most people don’t know that Bailey has been driving since she was eight, started rockcrawling at fifteen, finishing 3rd at the Grand Nationals, started racing the Dirt Riot Series the next year landing on the podium at her first race and finishing 5th in the series. She has now moved on to Ultra4 with the Pros finishing eighth in the National Point Series for 2015 and backed it up with a 5th place finish at the 2016 King of the Hammers right behind her dad and the best U4 has to offer. When Bailey isn’t racing she is a full time employee at Campbell Ent Racing & Fabrication, has a full load of classes at the local college and also runs her own photography business “Bailey Campbell Media”.

Career Accomplishments

2013    3rd Place W.E. Rock Nationals Unlimited
2013    6th Place W.E. Rock Nationals Pro Modified
2014    3rd Place Dirt Riot
2014    6th Place Dirt Riot
2014    10th Place Dirt Riot
2014    5th Place overall Dirt Riot Series
2014    13th Place Ultra4 (East) Badlands (Qualified for 2015 KOH)
2014    13th Place Ultra4 (West) Glen Helen
2014    13th Place Ultra4 National Series
2015    5th Place Dirt Riot
2015    8th Place Ultra4 (West) Glen Helen (Qualified for 2016 KOH)
2015    10th Place Ultra4 (East) Sturgis Blowout
2015    6th Place Ultra4 (East)
2015    8th Place Ultra4 National Series
2016    5th King of the Hammers
2016    8th Place Ultra4 National Series
2016    7th Place Rebelle Rally
2017    8th Place Ultra4 Texas  
2017    5th Place Ultra4 Stampede
2017    5th Place Ultra4 Fallon
2017    4th Place Ultra4 West Point Series
2019    8th Place King of the Hammers
2019    3rd Place El Rey de Las Bajas & Hard Charger Award
2019    2nd Place Titan All-Terrain SxS Series
2019    2nd Place Ultra 4 Ridgecrest
2019    3rd Place Ultra4 West Point Series
2019    4th Place Ultra4 National Championship