#9 - Rock Racer 2007-2011

Posted by Shannon Campbell on May 20th 2020

#9 - Rock Racer 2007-2011

XRRA/ KOH/ Lucas Oil Regional

This was one of my most winningest cars and what some may know as the beginning of Levi & Wayland’s racing career. We built this car in late 2006 to be ready for 2007, which would be my first year with Monster. We finished 2nd in the XORRA Series, then won my first KOH in 2008 that everyone thought was impossible for a guy with one seat, Air Shocks & 10 gal. of fuel to win. Not to mention I started dead last. They said if we were late to the drivers meeting, we would start in the back, unless someone from your team was there for you. When I finally made it back from my pre-run everyone was like, dude you start last…I was pissed. They said calm down, your guys were there, you just drew last lol. Nothing I could do about that, figured at least I wouldn’t look bad if I finished last. I had no-where to go but to the front. Then many years later on a plane with Dave Cole, on our way to King of Whales, he tells me “I need to get something off my chest… I forgot to put your name in the hat. I realized it at the end of the draw and pretended to pull the last one, which was yours, truly”. I was like WTF. He proceeded to say, “But it all worked out. You started dead last and physically finished first when all the odds were against you. Made a great story!”. I went on to win multiple races & championships and swept the 2010 series wining every race. My most memorable moments were watching Levi & Wayland drive in Colorado Springs after a race. As we partied, we pushed them to go faster and jump the famous gap jump that most racers wouldn’t as the sun set. I was so impressed with Levi and I asked if he wanted to take my car back east to race it against his dad, he had the biggest shit eating grin I’ve ever seen. I remember everyone saying it was too much power for a 16-year-old, but he proved them wrong, winning XRRA in Hannibal, MO & making a name for himself. Then in 2011 Wayland got to race his first U4 event in Tooele, UT against the big boys. Had he been 16 he would have qualified for King of the Hammers but proved to have the talent. Then wrapping up 2011 at Firebird Raceway for Lucas Regional short course, Wayland was laying down some phenomenal lap times qualifying with me on the radio pushing him harder & harder like my dad would do. Then all of the sudden the rear packed out & sent him flying, rolling six times then crashing on the k-rail with no radio contact. Tammy was losing her mind, I thought I was dead for pushing him so hard! Finally, he came to, the suspense was unbearable. After losing consciousness a second time they took him to the hospital but released him later that evening with a minor concussion & bruises. I thought maybe they took him so I wouldn’t beat his ass for destroying my car lol! RIP… She was a fun machine.

2006 XORRA Series Champion

2007 XRRA 1st Place Moab, UT

2007 2nd Place Rockcross Champion

2007 2nd Place XORRA Series

2008 “King” of the Hammers

2008 XORRA National Champion

2009 XORRA 1st Place Colorado Springs, CO

2009 XORRA 1st Place Colorado Springs, CO

2009 XORRA Series Champion

2009 XORRA National Champion

2010 XORRA National Champion