End Of The Year Events

Oct 27th 2016

End Of The Year Events

The last few weeks have been crazy, yet very accomplishing. 

Bailey #35AZ has parted ways for the week to take part in her own journey. This event would be called the Rebelle Rally, the first womens off-road navigation rally raid in the Unites States. She drove a sponsored fleet vehicle for ARB 4x4 Accessories and partnered up with Kendra Miller to be her navigator. This event went through different terraines anywhere from rocks to sand dunes. Bailey and kendra finished 7th overall!

A press release will be posted within the next few weeks with more stories and pictures.


While Bailey was off competing in the rally, Shannon and wayland were competing at Nationals for the Ultra4 series. Overall in National points Shannon took 2nd, Wayland took 5th and Bailey took 8th. Bailey's co-drivers drove her car for the weekend since she couldn't make it. 

More pictures and stories are posted on the campbell Racing Facebook page. www.facebook.com/Campbell-Racing

COMING UP NEXT! - the Five-0 Car Show

The Five-0 Car Show will be hosted by the Gilbert Police officers

Stop by San Tan Mall where multiple cars will be brought out for show on October 29th, Saturday @ 10:00 am.