Shannon Campbell

324a6745.jpg“The man who defies gravity and refuses to fail”   This might just be the best way to describe Shannon Campbell. Known not only for his hard core driving, but for his innovative ideas and craftsmanship.  The driving skills and determination that Campbell possesses are off the charts. The more you throw at him the more he pushes, when you think he is out he comes back and even at his worst people still think he’s the best. Through the years Shannon has earned National Championships, DirtSports Driver of the Year, 2x King of the Hammers, the opportunity to compete side by side with his children and an Induction into the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame-Class of 2015.  With all of this notoriety Shannon Campbell will always be the humble most grounded person you may ever meet.

Career Accomplishments
2005   Dirtsports Driver of the Year

2005   UROC Series Champion
2006   WE Rock Series Champion
2006   XORRA Series Champion
2007   2nd Place Rockcross Champion
2007   WE Rock Grand National Champion
2007   2nd Place XORRA Series
2008   WE Rock Grand National Champion
2008   “KING” of the Hammers
2008   XORRA National Champion             
2009   XORRA Series Champion
2009   XORRA National Champion
2010   2nd Place WE Rock Series 
2010   XORRA National Champion
2010   6th Place Series BITD
2011   2X “KING” of the Hammers
2011   Ultra4 Series Champion
2011   1st Place JRCA Rockcrawl (Japan)
2012   3rd Place King of the Hammers
2012   1st Place JRCA Rockcrawl(Japan)Spotter
2013   2nd Place King of the Hammers
2013   Ultra4 National Champion
2013   Ultra4 Sportsman of the Year
2013   Dirtsports Rock Sport Driver of the Year
2014   2nd Place Ultra4 (East) Series
2014   10th Place Ultra4 (West) Series
2014   9th Place Ultra4 National Series
2015   4th Place BITD/Mint 400 
2015   Offroad Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee
2015   1st place 4400 Baja 1000
2016   4th Place King of the Hammers
2016   1st Place Ultra4 Stampede
2016   3rd Place Ultra4 (West) Series
2016   2nd Place Ultra4 National Series
2017   3X “KING” of the Hammers
2017   1st Place UTV King of the Hammers
2017   1st Place Ultra4 UTV Badlands
2017   1st Place UTV King of the Hammers
2017   1st Place Ultra4 UTV Badlands
2018   6th Place King of the Hammers
2018   2nd Place Ultra4 West Series
2019   3rd Place King of the Hammers
2019   2nd Place National Championship